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Possessive adjectives II

You have already seen the possessive adjectives mon, ma, mes (my), ton, ta, tes (your) and votre, vos (your). Now we'll look at how to say his, her, and their.
Yay! Other people's stuff!
il, elle, on his, her
son livre → his/her book ses livres → his/her books
sa valise → his/her suitcase ses valises → his/her suitcases
nous our
notre père → our father nos frères → our brothers
notre mère → our mother nos soeurs → our sisters
ils, elles their
leur livre → their book leurs livrestheir books
leur valise → their suitcase leurs valisestheir suitcases
feminine words that start with a vowel or silent h use the masculine form son instead of sa (just like ma, ta as you may remember).
une adresse
an address
son adresse
her/his address