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My hobbies - How to use the verbs "aimer" and "préférer"

Imagine three school friends having the following conversation:
Max : J'aime le tennis.
Celine : Moi, je préfère le yoga.
Amy : Moi, je déteste le sport, mais j'adore la trompette.
Max likes playing Tennis, Celine prefers doing yoga and Amy hates all kinds of sports, she loves playing the trumpet.
I don't know anyone who plays trumpet...
That's not the point. I'm trying to teach you different levels of "like":
détester (--) → aimer (+) → préférer (++) → adorer (+++)
And here's the good news: all four verbs follow the -ER conjugation that you have seen with the verbs habiter or s'appeler.
Only the verb préférer changes a little bit when conjugated:
je préfère
tu préfères
il/elle/on préfère
nous préférons
vous préférez
ils préfèrent
Je déteste grammar rules, je préfère eating chocolate.
I'm with you on that, but it seems like you've already mastered this grammar point! Well done!