Could you give me that glass please?
The empty one or the one filled with water?
Whichever, it's the same!
Actually, not in French...
Un verre de vin.
A glass of wine.
Un verre d'eau.
A glass of water.
When talking about content, the French language uses the preposition de to indicate the content inside the container.
Un verre à vin.
A wine glass.
Un verre à eau.
A water glass.
In turn, when the idea is to determine the type of container used, in French we use the preposition à to indicate it.
So... basically it means that un verre de vin is a glass of wine but un verre à vin is just an empty wine glass.
Oui, tout à fait ! So watch out what you order at a bar, or you might end up with a glass of wine... empty!
Haha, don't worry, I'm pretty sure I'll remember this one!