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How to use "est-ce que"

There are 3 ways to form questions in French:
1. Intonation
2. Inversion
3. Est-ce que
This topic introduces you to forming simple questions using est-ce que.
Asking a question using est-ce que is similar to making a statement, only you put est-ce que in front of the subject:
Tu parles français.
You speak French.
Est-ce que tu parles français ?
Do you speak French?
Il habite à Paris.
He lives in Paris.
Est-ce qu'il habite à Paris ?
Does he lives in Paris?
When the subject starts with a vowel or an h → est-ce que becomes est-ce qu'
It may be helpful to remind yourself that est-ce que literally means "is it that?" ⇒ "Is it that you speak French?"
est-ce que can also be used in association with a question word like quand (when), qui (who), (where) and que (what).
est-ce que vous... ?
⇒ Where do you...
Qu'est-ce qu'elle... ?
⇒ What does she... ?
Quand est-ce qu'il... ?
⇒ When does he... ?