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Near futur - How to use "le futur proche"

What are you going to do after the lesson?
I think I'm going to go for a walk. What are you going to teach me today?
We are going to talk about the future! Like in English there are two ways to express it in French but today we will focus on the near future. In English, we often use going to to refer to something that will happen in the near future. For example:
I'm going to pack my suitcase.
Luckily for us, you can use this exact same idea to talk about things that are certain to happen in the future in French.
Je vais faire ma valise.
Notice that only one verb is conjugated here (allervais). The second one (faire) stays in it's unconjugated (or infinitive) form. You can even follow this with aller itself, and it means the same as it would in English:
Je vais aller voir mes parents.
I'm going to go see my parents.