What will you do this weekend?
I don't know. I definitely won't study French!
Well, let's study now instead.
Ce weekend j'étudierai le français...
This weekend I'll study French.
je finirai mon livre...
I'll finish my book.
et je me promènerai au parc.
And I'll walk in the park.
Do you understand these sentences?
Is it what I won't do this weekend?
Close! It says "I will study French this weekend".
But that's not what I said.
The future tense is one of the easiest tenses to conjugate in French.
Look carefully and you'll notice that the endings are simply added to the infinitive form of the verb!
il/elle/onse lavera
vousvous habillerez
That is very easy! Wow!
Told you! But watch out:
Dans 1 an il sera papa.
In a year he'll be a dad.
La semaine prochaine tu auras 21 ans.
Next week you'll be 21.
Nous irons en Afrique du Sud dans 6 mois.
We'll go to South Africa in 6 months.
Don't forget to keep an eye on the irregular verbs! The most common are:
Être → je serai
Avoir → j'aurai
Aller → j'irai
Helpful hint for the grammar lovers
If you haven't noticed, the endings are almost the same as the present tense of avoir:
Tu as
Il a
Nous avons
Vous avez
Ils ont