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The superlative II

Ton gâteau au chocolat est très bon.
Your chocolat cake is very good.
Ma soeur chante vraiment très bien.
My sister sings really really well.
Can you tell me how I can express that somebody's cake is the best? Or how I can say that someone sings the best?
I believe you can use the superlative?
C'est bien ! Any idea how?
I remember from the comparative lesson that we cannot say plus bon and plus bien, is it the same here?
Excellent ! You're getting better and better at this!
Ton gâteau au chocolat est le meilleur.
Your chocolat cake is the best.
Ma soeur chante vraiment le mieux.
My sister sings the best.
As seen with the comparative, the same pattern applies here to the superlative:
Le(s) plus bon(s)
Le(s) meilleur(s)
La(les) plus bonne(s)
La/Les meilleure(s)
Le plus bien
Le mieux
Just as with the comparative, le pire can be used alongside le plus mauvais:
→ C'est le pire/le plus mauvais gâteau jamais goûté !
(This is the worst cake ever tasted!)