Do you remember what we said about the negative form of verbs in French? Like in the example I don't like working.
It had something to do with a sandwich?
Exactement ! In French, the negative form consists of two parts: ne and pas, and the verb goes in between. Like a sandwich!
Je n'aime pas travailler.
So far, so good. First of all, it is important to know that there are different types of sandwiches in French:
neverne... jamais
nobodyne... personne
nothingne... rien
no morene... plus
not yetne... pas encore
Now that you've seen the table, let's make some sandwiches!
Yes, I'm starving!
Je connais tout le monde ici.
I know everyone here.
Elle veut toujours jouer aux cartes.
She always wants to play cards.
Oh you meant that kind of sandwiches... Well, here I have to use ne ... personne and ne ... jamais, right? So it would be...
Je ne connais personne ici.
Elle ne veut jamais jouer aux cartes
Magnifique !
In spoken French ne is mostly dropped. In most cases you will hear:
J'aime pas travailler.
Je connais personne ici.
Je veux plus jouer aux cartes.