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How to ask questions II

I think it is time for us to learn more about questions in French. What do you think?
Yes, please! I've been meaning to ask how much a croissant costs in my nearby French bakery but all I can say is quoi...
Ha ha, voilà :
Quand arrivez-vous ?
When do you arrive?
Combien coûte la chambre ?
How much does a room cost?
Combien d'enfants ont-ils ?
How many children do they have?
Pourquoi aimez-vous Paris ?
Why do you like Paris?
What's up with combien?
Am glad you noticed! Combien can be translated as both how much and how many.
Interesting... But why is d'enfants before the verb there?
Mmh, it just sounds a bit nicer on my opinion. But you could also say:
Combien ont-ils d'enfants ?
Combien ils ont d'enfants ?
Combien d'enfants ils ont ?
Ils ont combien d'enfants ?
Now I get why you said: "asking questions can be easy and tricky at the same time..." 😅