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Questions: intonation & inversion

So, we have seen some useful interrogative words to ask question, you remember?
Oui, comment, où, qui, the weird qu'est-ce que and quoi...
Bravo ! Let's see something much easier now... yes/no questions!
There are two ways to ask yes/no questions in French:
  1. L'intonation Raising your intonation at the end of any affirmative sentence makes it a question:
    Tu habites en FrANCE ?
    Do you live in France?
    Vous aimez le tennIS ?
    Do you like tennis?
  2. L'inversion If you start a sentence by placing the verb first, followed by the subject, it will automatically become a question:
    Habites-tu en France ?
    Do you live in France?
    Aimez-vous le tennis ?
    Do you like tennis?
the only possible answers to questions using l'intonation or l'inversion,
are oui or non!