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Accusative Prepositions

How's it going?
So so, I'm still struggling with those declensions.
Oh, that's normal, you'll struggle probably even when you are super fluent.
Oh that's very encouraging. Thanks.
I will teach you a trick today! Remember how accusative and dative are used for direct and indirect objects respectively?
Ich würde dir den Mond geben, wenn ich könnte.
Oh, wie romantisch! And also there are dative verbs like helfen and danken.
Ich danke dir.
Ich helfe ihr.
Exactly! And also being stationary or moving towards something is important when using local prepositions like auf, über, in, etc.
Wo ist sie? Sie ist in der Schule.
Wohin geht sie? Sie geht in die Schule.
Oh, those are exactly the ones I never get right!
Don't worry, practice makes perfect. But let me tell you, there are easier prepositions...
These prepositions always need the accusative!
für dich
for you
um den Park
around the park
durch den Wald
through the forest
gegen die Wand
against the wall
ohne dich
without you
Always? Or only when being a direct object in a state of motion in Konjuntiv II?
Haha, look at you making grammar jokes already. Always, always. Just take the first letter of each of them and make a word: fudgo! Maybe that will help you remember them.
There are dative prepositions too:
aus bei mit nach seit von zu