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Dative Pronouns: Plural

Do you remember the singular dative pronouns?
I feel like I've heard "dative" so many times already...
I know, but it's part of learning any language. Here are the singular pronouns I mean:
And what do I use them for again? My head hurts...
I'll give you a refresher, sit back and relax:
1. We use the dative for indirect objects:
Ich habe ihnen eine E-mail geschickt.
I sent them an e-mail.
2. We use them with dative verbs like: helfen, gefallen, passieren.
Sie hilft uns.
She helps us.
3. After the dative prepositions: bei, mit, seit, aus, zu, nach, von.
Ich komme mit euch.
I'll come with you (plural).
Thanks, now I can follow. What about the plural ones?
They're pretty easy, take a look! Here's an overview of all plural personal pronouns:
NominativeAccusative Dative