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Dative prepositions

We briefly saw in previous topics that there are three types of prepositions:
1. The so-called "changing prepositions" because they change their declension depending on wether there is movement towards or stationary position to something. 2. Those that are followed by accusative.
3. Those that are followed by dative. Today's topic!
Dative prepositions
aus - bei - mit - nach - seit - von - zu - ab*
Ab is only followed by dative when it means "from... on", i.e. when it has a temporal meaning.
Aus welchem Laden hast du diesen schönen Pulli?
What store did you get this nice sweater from?
Wir treffen uns bei dir.
We'll meet at your place.
Ich komme mit dem Zug.
I'm coming by train.
Gehen wir nach der Arbeit einen Kaffee trinken?
Shall we go for a coffee after work?
Sie kennen sich schon seit der Schulzeit.
They have known each other since high school.
Er hat das Rezept von der Ärztin bekommen.
He received the prescription from the doctor.
Ich muss morgen zum (zu+dem) Arzt gehen.
I have to go to the doctor tomorrow.
Ab dem 23. Dezember sind alle Museen geschlossen.
From the 23rd of December on, all museums will be closed.