German Grammar Explained /

Female job titles

As previously mentioned, we will gradually show you some tips and tricks to predict the gender of German nouns.
The first set of tips are especially useful for job titles.
Gender Tip #1:
Most nouns ending in -e are feminine.
die Blume
the flower
die Adresse
the address
die Sonne
the sun
Gender Tip #2:
Most nouns ending in -er are masculine. The reason being, many male job titles have this ending.
der Lehrer
der Kellner
der Bauer
der Bäcker
Gender Tip #3:
Female professions end in -in.
Lehrer ⇒ Lehrerin
(male) teacher ⇒ (female) teacher
Kellner ⇒ Kellnerin
waiter ⇒ waitress
Bäcker ⇒ Bäckerin
(male) baker ⇒ (female) baker
Sometimes an extra "Umlaut" is needed: a → ä
Bauer ⇒ Bäuerin
(male) farmer ⇒ farmer (female)
Arzt ⇒ Ärztin
(male) doctor ⇒ (female) doctor
This will do for now, more to follow :)