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Infinitive sentences: two verbs

Have you been using some infinitive clauses?
Not so much. Every time I want to use them, I make a mistake... :( I said for example "Ich habe keine Zeit zu einkaufen gehen" and my tutor corrected me. I don't remember what it was.
Good point! Let me teach you the last part of this topic and you'll nail these infinitive clauses.
Infinitive clauses with two verbs
Ich habe keine Zeit, einkaufen zu gehen.
I don't have time to go shopping.
Es freut mich, am Sonntag viel schlafen zu können.
I'm happy to sleep in on Sunday.
Also: spazieren zu gehen, arbeiten zu müssen, joggen zu gehen, etc.
So I put the 'zu' in the wrong place. That was it?
Yes, that was the only problem. Remember Trennbare Verben?
Yes, you put zu in the middle. And you are right, this is almost exactly the same!
Infinitive clauses in the past
Ich habe dich gesehen.
Ich bin froh, dich gesehen zu haben. I'm happy to have seen you.
Ich bin gestern gegangen.
Ich bin froh, gestern gegangen zu sein. I'm happy to have left yesterday.