German Grammar Explained /

Words for negation

Words for negation are words that are used as negative forms of indeterminate pronouns and adverbs.
Indeterminate articles have negative variations of a standard form:
ein a
kein none
For pronouns and adverbs, there are a few more, and these vary:
Personen: People
jemand/alle someone/everyone
→ niemand no one
Sachen: Things:
etwas, alles some, all
nichts none
Zeit: Time:
schon/bereits already
noch nicht not yet
schon/ bereits (ein)mal already
noch nie not yet
immer always
nie/niemals never
(immer) noch still
nicht mehr/ nie mehr not anymore/never again
Ort: Place:
irgendwo/ überall somewhere/everywhere
nirgendwo/ nirgends nowhere
irgendwohin to somewhere
nirgendwohin to nowhere
It is a good idea to familiarise yourself with these words, as they are used a lot in German. They will quickly become a part of your vocabulary :D