German Grammar Explained /

Nouns in genitive

Do you remember the last case we talked about?
I think so. Is it the one we use to talk about possession?
Yes, genau. The Genitiv.
Ok. I also remember there was something about proper names and...?
Yes, you remember correctly! Let's look at some examples to refresh your memory:
Das ist Ankes Katze.
This is Anke's cat.
Das ist Max' Computer.
This is Max's computer.
Das sind Andreas' Bücher.
These are Andreas' books.
BUT Das ist das Haus des Vaters.
Ok, got it. If it's not a proper name, like Anke, Max or Andreas, then you use the article, right?
Right. You also adjust the articles to express possession.
Right. And you add an s.
Yes, masculine and neuter nouns need an -(e)s at the end.
How do I know when to add the e?
Masculine and neuter nouns that end in a sibilant sound (s, ß, x, z) and monosyllabic nouns use the -es ending in genitive.
die Mitte des Platzes
the middle of the square
das Ende des Buches
the end of the book