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Participle: verbs with prefixes

Some verbs in German, sucha as anfangen, aufstehen, bekommen, for example, require prefixes. In some cases, they are separable (eg.anfangen, aufstehen) an in others they aren't (bekommen). This also affects their past tense!
Let's have a look at how this works:
Separable verbs:
Wann bist du heute aufgestanden?
When did you get up today?
Non-separable verbs:
Hast du meine Blumen bekommen?
Did you get my flowers?
So... The separable ones have the ge in between the prefix and the main verb?
Exactly! See? You’re getting good at this! The non-separable verbs usually stay the same, but they aren't as regular as the separable ones. You'll learn them as you go, don't worry! Here's a little overview for you:
aufstehen → aufgestanden
bekommen → bekommen
anfangen → angefangen
erklären → erklärt
aufräumen → aufgeräumt
verstehen → verstanden
zurückgehen → zurückgegangen
frühstücken → gefrühstückt