German Grammar Explained /

Relative clauses

We have already seen sub clauses with weil.
Ich komme nicht, weil ich keine Zeit habe.
⇒ In German sub clauses, the verb goes at the end. ⇒ Main clauses and subclauses are always separated by a comma.
Another type of sub clause are RELATIVE CLAUSES. With a relative clause, we give extra information about the first part of the sentence.
Das ist die Musik, die mir gefällt.
This is the music (that) I like.
Das ist das Haus, das ich kaufen möchte.
That is the house (that) I want to buy.
While we can use "which", "who" or "that" for relative clauses in English, in German we use the articles: der, die, das etc.
How do I know which article I should use?
Your relative clause always refers to a noun you have just mentioned.
"The music" and "the house"?
Yes! You just use the same gender!
der Tisch, der...
die Arbeit, die...
das Auto, das... die Menschen, die...