When we compare two things or people, there are two possible conclusions:
a) The two things or people aren't equal
+ Madrid es más grande que Cádiz.
Madrid is bigger than Cadiz.
El avión es más rápido que la bici.
The airplane is faster than the bike.
- Madrid es menos antigua que Cádiz.
Madrid is less old than Cadiz.
El avión es menos ecológico que la bici.
The airplane is less eco-friendly than the bike.
Watch out!
más bueno → mejor
más malo → peor
b) The two things or people are equal
La película es tan interesante como la novela.
The movie is as interesting as the novel.
Cadiz is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in Western Europe, with archaeological remains dating back 3100 years. Founded by the Phoenicians, it was occupied by different groups, including the Carthaginians, Visigoths, Romans and Arabs. Since the 18th century, Cadiz has become a principal home port of the Spanish Navy. The carnival of Cadiz is extremely popular, lasting 11 days. This city definitely worth a visit!