Do you like gossiping?
Well, gossip is not okay, but I'm happy to know how my friends' or family's lives are going.
I will show you a useful thing for when someone's telling you a story. You can use cuál to ask for identification of something or someone in a known group.
That sounds like really complicated to me!
Don't worry. Let me show you some examples. Imagine a conversation in a supermarket aisle:
¿Cuál es tu chocolate preferido?
Which is your favorite chocolate?
¿Cuál de estas aceitunas quieres, las negras o las verdes?
Which one of these olives do you want, the black or the green ones?
¿Cuál es el mejor queso para hacer lasaña?
Which is the best cheese to cook lasagna?
Oh! It's not that difficult after all.
I'm happy to hear that. Let's practice!