Spanish Grammar Explained /

Irregular verbs

I have great news for you today!
Oh, really?
We are going to look at verbs. Irregular verbs!! Isn't that exciting?
That's disappointing. Definitely not good news!
Thing is, even though we are going to talk about irregular verbs, some of them follow their own regularity.
I see...there's order among disorder.
Look, here are some model verbs:
Yo duermo
Tú duermes
Él/ella/usted duerme
Nosotros/-as dormimos
Ustedes duermen
Ellos/-as duermen
Yo quiero
Tú quieres
Él/ella/usted quiere
Nosotros/-as queremos
Ustedes quieren
Ellos/-as quieren
Yo pido
Tú pides
Él/ella/usted pide
Nosotros/-as pedimos
Ustedes piden
Ellos/-as piden
As you can see, many verbs follow these rules of irregularity.
Yeah, I can see the pattern already! Do I have to learn them all at once?
Of course not! We will see them little by little. You'll learn them as you go!