French Grammar Explained /

Articulators of speech

Speaking French can sometimes be daunting...
No kidding...
To help with fluency, there are a few words that you can use in your speech that will help you articulate:
(Tout) d'abord, nous avons pris l'avion.
First, we took the plane.
Ensuite nous sommes allés à l'hôtel.
Then we went to the hotel.
Puis nous sommes allés au restaurant.
Then we went to the restaurant.
Et enfin, nous avons pris un taxi pour le musée.
And finally, we took a cab to the museum.
Here's a list of some of those words:
To start
(tout) d'abord, au (tout) début, premièrement, pour commencer
at first, in the beginning, first, to start
To continue
ensuite, (et) puis, après
then, then, after
To finish
finalement, pour finir, enfin
in the end, to finish, finally
Will that help me sound more French?