French Grammar Explained /

Reported speech in present tense

Imagine you are in France at your partner's family...
Hey! How do you know I'm dating someone French?
Teachers know everything! So, you are at the table having dinner with the whole family. Your level of French is pretty good (congrats!)
but maybe you struggle a little, trying to understand everything when there are lots of people talking at the same time in a lively environment etc., non ?
Oui, c'est sûr, also his grandparents are not the easiest people to understand and he has this crazy uncle who always wants to talk to me.
I see, I don't get my uncle's jokes either... anyway, in this context, make sure you sit next to your partner or someone who can help you understand what's going on, by being a bit of a translator. Look:
- Alors ? Quand est-ce que j'ai des arrières petits-enfants ?
So, when do I get some great-grandchildren?
- Euh... pardon madame ?
- Ma grand-mère te demande quand nous allons avoir des enfants.
My grandma is asking when we are going to have children.
- Moi, à votre âge, j'étais déjà marié !
- When I was your age, I was already married!
- Excusez-moi ?
- Mon grand-père dit qu'à notre âge, il était déjà marié !
- My grandpa says that at our age, he was already married.
Do you understand?
Yes, I am going to be questioned so much around this French table!
Haha, oui probablement... people are curious!
I made a little table to make it easier. Regarde :
" Je suis avocate. "
Elle dit qu'elle est avocate.
Yes/No questions
" Tu viens ce soir ? "
Elle demande si tu viens ce soir.
Open-ended questions
" Qu'est-ce que tu étudies ? Qu'est-ce qui te passionne ? "
Elle demande ce que tu étudies et ce qui te passionne.
" Quel âge as-tu ? "
Elle demande quel âge tu as.
" Pourquoi tu habites ici ? "
Elle demande pourquoi tu habites ici.
" Combien de temps tu restes ? "
Elle demande combien de temps tu restes.
" Parle plus fort ! "
Elle te dit de parler plus fort !
" Tu devrais venir plus souvent. "
Elle te suggère de venir plus souvent.
Quite useful, isn't it? This way you don't have to put on your "I don't understand but I am trying to hide it" smile during dinnner.