What is this topic about?
For once, instead of learning a new grammatical concept, we'll look into phrases to use when celebrating an event.
Is this a way to congratulate me for all my work? :D
Ha ha ! Oui ! Do you have any idea what I could say to you?
In French?
Then, non !
To congratulate someone:
Félicitations !
Bravo !
Bien joué !
Well done!
Bon travail !
Good job!
To wish someone something:
Joyeux Noël !
Merry Christmas!
Bonne année !
Happy New Year!
Joyeux anniversaire !
Happy birthday!
Bonne chance !
Good luck!
Bon voyage ! | Bon vol !
Have a good trip! (literally: good journey! | good flight!)
Amusez-vous bien ! | Amuse-toi bien !
Have fun!
So you will say 'félicitations' to me when I reach level A2?
Oui !