French Grammar Explained /

Imperative II

Hey, how are you today?
I am not feeling well...
Oh no! What's wrong?
I took the metro and someone was smoking just next to me. It made me feel really sick...
But it is forbidden to smoke in the metro! You should have told them:
Ne fumez pas !
Don't smoke!
Good introduction to our topic of the day by the way!
Why? Are we going to talk about smokers?
No, we'll see how to give commands!
Tournez à droite !
Turn right!
Allez tout droit !
Go straight!
To give commands, we use the imperative!
Yes, I remember this!
Super, then it's time to learn how to give negative commands:
Ne fumez pas !
Don't smoke!
To form a negative command, simply add the negative words ne and pas around the verb!
Ne parle pas !
Don't speak!
Ne mangez pas de chocolat !
Don't eat chocolate!
Ne traverse pas la rue !
Don't cross the street!
N'utilisez pas votre téléphone au cinéma !
Don't use your phone at the cinema!