Do you like shopping?
Oooh oui ! I love shopping for plants.
Uh... this isn't quite what I was thinking about but never mind... Let's have a look at useful sentences when shopping.
Could I use them when buying plants?
Uh... we'll see.
Sales assistant:
Quelle taille faites-vous ?
What is your size?
Vous voulez une veste de quelle couleur ?
What color jacket would you like?
Ça vous plaît ?
Do you like it?
Comment payez-vous ?
How would you like to pay?
Est-ce que je peux l'essayer ?
Could I try it on?
Je fais du 40.
I'm a size 40.
Je l'achète.
I'll take it.
In France, the sizes are more often given with a number than a letter. Depending on the store, the size chart can differ a little but it usually follows this:
XS ⇒ 34
S ⇒ 36
M ⇒ 38
L ⇒ 40
XL ⇒ 42
So, would this help you at the plant store?
Hum...not sure! But... merci !