After all of the past you have practiced, I think is time to look at the future, don't you think?
Should I be worried?
No, don't worry! It's a piece of cake!
We simply keep the AR/ER/IR and add the following endings:
PersonStemEndings for -AR, -ER, - IR
Yohablar comer viviré
hablar comer vivirás
Él/ellahablar comer vivirá
Nosotroshablar comer viviremos
Vosotroshablar comer viviréis
Ustedes, elloshablar comer vivirán
A final de año, Clara hablará francés perfectamente.
No sé si comeré a las 12am o a las 2pm.
Wait, wait. I think I'm out of my mind. Are those the same endings for all the verbs?
Yep. No changes. Magic!